Welcome to Flourish Ayurveda- a practice built from the desire to spread the truth of self-healing and mindfulness.  We believe your spiritual path is a major factor in your healing and ability to connect to a life of purpose and joy.  We offer coaching and consulting to help you on your path to self-liberation, emotional freedom, and physical embodiment.

Julia Porter, MS

Flourish Ayurveda's
Diet and Lifestyle Specialist 
Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor  
Masters in Nutrition

Hello! My name is Julia and I am a lifelong food & nutrition enthusiast with a deep passion for the healing arts and sciences! My East meets West approach includes many years of study and research in Integrative Nutrition Science (University of Cincinnati + Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and Ayurveda (New World Ayurveda).

I believe that health and vitality are our birth rite - and I dedicate my path to connecting with others to bring peace, joy and healing to the world - one radiant being at a time.

Each session is attuned to the needs of the individual, as I weave ancient Ayurveda and modern nutrition together for restored balance and enhanced wellness.

Our Offerings


Dynamic Yin Yoga

At The Breathing Room

Join Logan for a transformational Yin Yoga Class every Friday at 10am at The Breathing Room in Cincinnati, OH.  She combines classic Yin with gentle flow and Pranayama )breathing exercises) to create a unique class unlike any other you will find in Cincinnati.  

This is a great opportunity to meet Logan and receive a taste of what her work consists of.  All levels (all people) welcome and encouraged!

Ayurvedic Consultations

By Appointment

An Initial Ayurvedic Consult is perfect for people looking for a meaningful mind-body approach to their health. Ayurveda can offer you guidance and natural alternatives to traditional Western medicine.  Expect to walk away with a new diet and lifestyle plan as well as new insight to your body type.  Receive alternative answers to the "mysteries" going on in your body and feel empowered to make a shift from the inside out.  

Julia and Logan empower their clients to find their own healing from within by getting curious and compassionate for their situations.  We teach you our tools and you practice and implement them to heal yourself!


Ayurvedic Coaching

By Appointment

Are you ready to dive deep and commit to the journey of self-discovery?  My programs will change your life.  Discover who you truly are, build your self-confidence, start or progress your spiritual journey quickly, learn how to unconditionally love yourself and show up in a more authentic way in all areas of your life.  These programs are true wake-up calls to pivot out of the negative self talk that creates patterns of self-sabotage and looming negativity.  Learn holistic tools to uncover a more authentic version of your True Self- one who is deserving of happiness and capable to feel and move through the darkness when it arises.

Questions?  We'd love to hear from you.

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