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"Working with Logan has grounded me. My life feels full and joyful and much calmer.

I've gained a clarity about the mind body connection. I’ve learned how easy it is to pivot and change. How powerful we are in our minds and bodies. I’ve embraced meditation and yoga as a huge part of my daily life. It helps me maintain a sense calm and patience."

-Kelly Murphy

"Logan's support and wise counsel have been nothing short of life changing for me! I have gone from constantly worrying and being stressed out, both physically and emotionally, to being a much calmer, happier and uplifted person.

Logan approaches her work in the most loving and supportive way! She has the intuitive sense to know just the right questions to ask, to create a lovely atmosphere of self-discovery and introspection that almost always leads to an "aha" moment! Her work is done in the most respectful, honest and caring manner. It makes you feel that you can fully open up to her and trust that you will be held gently and encouragingly, no matter what you have to reveal."


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